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Stellungnahme des EFAF Präsidiums zu der IFAF Generalversammlung

Statement of the EFAF Board of Directors

The EFAF Board of Directors has reviewed the information forthcoming from the IFAF Congress held at Austin (Texas/ USA).

Irrespective of any decisions taken by the IFAF Congress, EFAF remains the sole legal entity to govern the sport of American Football in Europe. EFAF was established in the eighties and has been the sole authority governing American Football in Europe since that time. EFAF was the continental and founding member of IFAF in 1998.

The EFAF Board of Directors has conclude that there are a number of open issues and major concerns concerning the IFAF General Assembly and several of the decisions may not stand up to legal scrutiny. Therefore, EFAF has decided to conduct a review of the meeting and the decisions taken.

EFAF maintains that is the only legal entity to govern the sport of American Football in Europe and will continue its stated mission to develop the sport in Europe.

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28.10. - 29.10.
29.10. - 03.11.
24. B-Trainer American Football Abschnitt 1
Frankfurt / Main
02.11. - 05.11.
IFAF Beach Football World Championships
04.11. - 05.11.
A-Trainer American Football (Abschnitt 3)
Frankfurt am Main
18.11. - 19.11.
A-Schiedsrichter (Anfänger)
Frankfurt / Main
25.11. - 26.11.
A-Schiedsrichter Mechanics (Fortgeschrittene)
Frankfurt / Main
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