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Drucken Top Mitteilung von IFAF vom 07.03.2017

European Junior Championships 2017: Qualifications and Final Tournament

As decided at the IFAF Europe CA Board meeting at February 12th 2017, the general schedule and dates for the two Qualifications tournaments are fixed.

The first 4 nations Qualification Tournament EJC will be organized and hosted by The Serbian Association of American Football (SAAF) on 05-07 May 2017 in the City of Belgrade with participating nations: Serbia, Italy, Russia and Hungary.

The second 4 Nations Qualification Tournament will be organized by The Amerikaanse Football Bond Nederland (AFBN) on 02-04 June 2017 in the city of Almere with participating nations: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

The finals EJC2017 will be organized by The Fédération Française de Football Amercain (FFFA) in the city of North Paris from 14-16 July 2017. The current European Champions, team Austria, and the hosting Nation Team France will play the half final games on Friday the 14th of July versus the winners of the 4 Nations tournaments.

IFAF Europe President Enrique Garcia de Castro welcomed the decisions: "The upcoming European Junior Championships in 2017 are the first national team tournament under the helm of IFAF Europe Continental Association. We are pleased that at least two of the three medalists from the last stage of the EJC 2015 Austria (Gold) and Germany (Silver) are returning to the tournament. It is also a great step forward seeing Serbia and Netherlands hosting the two qualifiers and France the final tournament. With still ten national teams in the qualifications we have an high number of competitors."

The participant in the tournament was open to all national federations in Europe. National federations could enter the tournament within a set deadline. All entries declared to IFAF Europe Continental Association had been considered.

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