Mitteilung von AFVD vom 28.09.2012

Berlin Declaration of the AFVD Board on the International Situation

1.The AFVD as the national governing body representing American football in the German national governing body of all sports DOSB is fully committed to the European idea in sports and a spirit of international understanding through friendly contacts between athletes on both European and global level. Sports plays a vital role in the efforts to enhance the understanding among European nations. Especially in these times of broad skepticism regarding Europe, sports has to continue to be an integrative factor and will be able to be.

The AFVD with more than 45000 individual members has the most extended league system and the biggest and most successful top-level national league in American football under the roof of a sports association. Therefore it sees itself as the largest national American football association in Europe and is prepared to take a special responsibility for the American football community in Europe and beyond.

2. The AFVD vehemently endorses the need for a self-determined organization of American football in Europe. Only Europeans should decide on the fate of American football in Europe. No non-European-based entity has a moral, legal or factual claim to decide on the future of American football on the continent. The AFVD is determined to oppose all attempts to decide on European matters above the heads of the Europeans themselves.

3. The AFVD fully recognizes EFAF as the continental federation for American football in Europe and will continue to do so and support EFAF in the future. EFAF has pioneered the development of American football in Europe. EFAF is fully functional and has a thoroughly planned tournament calendar including European Championships on all age levels and all categories until 2014. Subsequently AFVD sees no reason to dismantle this successful and time-proven structure and replace it with other procedures that until now lack every proof of viability or effectiveness. Whoever takes action to dismantle the current structures is harming American football in Europe - without any necessity, without any reason and without considering the consequences of such actions.