Mitteilung von AFVD vom 14.10.2013

Big6 Europe

Joint Announcement of American Football Bund Österreich (AFBÖ), American Football Verband Deutschland (AFVD) and Schweizer American Football Verband (SAFV)

In 2014 it is planned that six top teams of Europe will play a new top league format. The new format should guarantee that each and every game is a highlight for the players and the fans all over Europe. The group of teams together with their national federations that have started to lay down the rules and the organisational frame for such a competition, have together won the last eleven Eurobowls.

It will be the first time that teams are not only playing each other but that the organisations of those team will form an alliance to promote the new league. It is the clear goal to develop the competition to a point where the teams directly benefit from participation in the premier American Football Competition in Europe.

In Europe the level of play differs a lot between different countries. This is one of the reasons why international competitions are quite difficult to implement. The Big6 address this by combining only teams on the top level of play. As other teams close the gap to the top, it is planned to implement a mechanism that allows to enter further teams into the league.

The Big6 teams want to take the game to a new level in Europe. The league will be played in 2 groups with 3 teams. The two winners of their group will play the big final for the crown of Europe – the EUROBOWL XXVIII.

While the league is operated by the participating teams and their national federations, it is recognized by EFAF. EFAF has extensive experience in international competitions and has created and operated the Eurobowl Competition since 1986. EFAF will however do its best to further promote the Big6 as the successor to the very successful Eurobowl competition.