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Job Information for players and coaches from abroad
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Info for Players and Coaches from abroad
Asking for a coaching job or a playing opportunity in Europe or Germany ?

We can´t help you directly.

As a federation of american football it is not our responsibilty to forward any of such requests to our members or the participating teams.

So all coaches and players looking/asking for jobs or playing opportunites have to contact the teams individually by themselves.

You may find some teams in our link section or you may visit the websites of the other listed federations. They normally have links to their teams too.

Eurobowl Teams

The AFVD Office is in charge of the Internationalen Player Transfer and Dispension Application (International Transfer Cards/ ITC).

(0 69) 96 74 02 67

The Form can be find in the Download Area: Forms

Die Bearbeitung der Internationalen Player Transfer and Dispension Application (kurz: International Transfer Cards/ ITC) erfolgt durch die Geschäftsstelle.

(0 69) 96 74 02 67

Das Formular befindet sich in dem Downloadbereich Formulare
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19.09. - 23.09.
12. B-Trainer-Lehrgang Cheerleading 2018 (Abschnitt 1)
Frankfurt am Main
28.10. - 02.11.
25. B-Trainer -Lehrgang American Football 2018 / 2019 (Abschnitt 1)
Frankfurt am Main
02.11. - 04.11.
12. B-Trainer-Lehrgang Cheerleading 2018 (Abschnitt 2)
Frankfurt am Main
03.11. - 04.11.
Frankfurt am Main
17.11. - 18.11.
12. A-Trainer -Lehrgang American Football 2018 (Prüflehrgang)
Frankfurt am Main
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