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USA Football & IFAF launches International Student Exchanges Program for USA

USA Football, IFAF member at USA, has launched an International Student Exchange program for High School.

Information from USA Football:

International Student Program Application Process
Read the following steps to learn more about the International Student Program application process


1. Student-athletes must submit the ISP application directly to USA Football, suggested by January 15, 2006 in order to have the best chance for consideration.

2. USA Football has identified schools around the U.S. that are amenable to international students and where regulations permit international students to participate in athletics. Schools are not permitted to recruit or induce student-athletes, their families, or USA Football to place students in their school.

3. USA Football is partnering with international amateur football federations to publicize and implement the program to eligible student-athletes.

4. USA Football will refer applicants to their national amateur federation for details on the academic and athletic programs available at each ISP high school, i.e. web site, admissions contacts, application requirements and deadlines.

5. The student-athlete and his family must select which ISP high school suits his academic and athletic interest. The student-athlete will apply to the schools of his choice and provide this information to USA Football.

6. Once accepted to the selected high school, the school will then apply to USA Football for funding to supplement tuition costs.

All student-athletes must secure an F1 visa in their home country. This visa qualifies them as an “international student” rather than a foreign exchange student, as identified by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

All state, league and individual school rules governing international students will be adhered to, thereby ensuring students qualify academically and meet athletic eligibility guidelines. Specific rules such as the number of years high school courses are taken in the native country and maximum age for athletic eligibility will be followed closely.

School tuition and related expenses may be paid in part by USA Football. Schools which accept an ISP student-athlete will apply to USA Football for this funding. Accepted student-athletes may also apply directly to his school for financial aid. USA Football will work with the schools to locate host families within the community for student-athletes, as needed, and as permitted by state, league and local rules.


The following is a list of what every student and family should plan to provide for application to USA high schools that have been identified as suitable for this program. While there may be specific requirements that individual schools may need outside of those listed here, this will provide a good starting point. Most of this can be arranged and provided by the family directly, but certain items will have to requested of and sent directly to the prospective school by the student’s home high school.

1. Contact the school admission office via the web site and email, and begin the admissions process on line. Generally there is a fee of approximately $100.
2. SSAT test and TOEFL test
3. High school transcripts from last 3 years
4. Letters of recommendation from both English and Math teachers
5. Phone interview arranged according to the admissions’ schedule
6. Family financial information on form available through the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS)-

All contact at this point must be originated by the student and his family, not by football federation representatives, coaches, or other!

USA Football representative Patrick Steenberge will stay in touch with the particular schools throughout the application process. When application is made to a school(s), notification of the application needs to be sent to Patrick- or It is recommended that each student make application to two (2) high schools from our list, but an effort needs to be made to not duplicate applications from our targeted list of students to the same school.

To request an application, contact:
Patrick Steenberge
Director of USA Football International Student Program or