Mitteilung von AFVD vom 01.08.2013

Clubs will advise EFAF

The EFAF Board of Directors in the future will be advised by a new Club Team Advisory Board. The Board of Directors decided to have such a Club Team Adivisory Board installed. Clubs throughout Europe form the base of the European American football community. To promote the sporting competition among the clubs and to support the various on-site activities performed by the clubs and their members are amongst EFAF's major objectives. To share the experience gathered in running club operations with the EFAF Board of Directors the Club Team Advisory Board will represent European American football clubs as a whole.

The Club Team Advisory Board will be a permanent establishment. Members shall be the presidents or other leading representatives of the most-profiled European American football clubs. So far as members have been appointed: Elisabeth Swarovski (President Swaro Raiders Tyrol), Christophe Briolin (Member of the Board of Flash La Courneuve), Carsten Dalkowski (German Football League Chairman / President Marburg Mercenaries), Joaquim Martins (President Pioners L 'Hospitalet), Frank Metscher (President Berlin Adler), Martin Seiler (President Calanda Broncos) and Karl Wurm (President Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna). Additional members might be appointed in the future, for example, it is intended to appoint the president of the German champion club to the Advisory Board after the conclusion of the 2013 season in Germany.

The task of the board will be to act as an advisory capacity to the EFAF Board of Directors and to represent the clubs of Europe as a whole. It is the hope of the EFAF Board of Directors that with the help of the Club Team Advisory Board an ongoing discussion on the development of American football in Europe will be established, which will spawn new concepts for the promotion of the sports and will contribute to the strengthening of American football in Europe.