Mitteilung von AFVD vom 16.01.2015

GFLI präsent bei AFCA Coaches Convention

Paul Vincent Miraval, Technischer Direktor der GFL International, vertrat die GFLI bei der jährlichen Convention der American Football Coaches Association, die vom 11. bis 14. Januar 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky stattfand.

Die diesjährige Internationale Session wurde von Jim Barnes organisiert, der für die AFVD Trainerakademie bereits auf dem AFVD Trainerkongress und dem A-Trainer-Lehrgang aktiv war.

Themen und Speaker der Internationalen Session:

- Larry Legault, the highly successful coach of the two-time national champions in France’s senior division as well as the head coach of France’s national senior team for over a decade will share thoughts on organizing and solidify programming for both situations.

- Coach Kaoru Kubota from Japan will share how American football became a very popular sport in Japan at the club and university levels as well as how US-based games are viewed and influence young men in Japan.

- Coach Stan Bedwell has had great success taking over struggling club teems in Europe and instilling in them the organization, structure and spirit to compete for and win championships.