Mitteilung von AFVD vom 16.06.2015

WDSF General Assebmly at Granada

Over three days delegates from around the world had been in session at one of southern Spain's most scenic location, in Granada. A packed schedule of meetings had them busy through Sunday, when the General Meeting brought this year's "summit near the summits" to a conclusion.

Landmark Decision

Code of EthicsThe delegates present at the 2015 General Meeting made a landmark decision earlier today by adopting the WDSF Code of Ethics and by ratifying the provisions for its implementation.

The Presidium presented the motion to adopt Version 1.0 of the WDSF Code at the request of the 2020 Vision Working Group. The document had been authored by Daniel Stehlin, the Chairman of the WDSF Disciplinary Council since 2012.

The motion required a two-third majority. But it was carried with only one National Member Body abstaining. A second motion called for the ratification of provisions for the implementation of the Code of Ethics: specifically the creation of a WDSF Ethics Committee and the adoption of the Code of the WDSF Ethics Committee. This document, too, was created by Daniel Stehlin. Both documents are now intergral parts of the WDSF Statutes.

Over the coming weeks and months, WDSF Communications endeavours to present parts of the WDSF Code of Ethics in some detail to the worldwide DanceSport community.