Mitteilung von AFVD vom 17.07.2006

Tommy Wiking new IFAF President

Former IFAF President Frederic Paquet named IFAF Honorary President

The 9th IFAF Congress at Boston has elected Tommy Wiking (38 years old) as new IFAF President. The election had been necessary after IFAF President Frederic Paquet had declared his resignation towards the Congress due to professional reason. Mr. Paquet took over a new position at French Championsleague soccer club OSC Lille. He was IFAF president since 1999.

The Congress appointed Mr. Paquet as second IFAF Honorary President besides Werner Raabe (former President of IAFF 1998-2000).

The new IFAF President Tommy Wiking will serve for the remaing term untill 2008 when IFAF will held the next general elections.

IFAF Congess elected Dr. K. K. Park (Korea) as new IFAF Senior Vice President and Scott Hallenbeck (USA) as new IFAF Treasurer. They are replacing Yoshio Kanazawa (Japan) and Dave Ogrean (USA) which both resigned.

Mr. Kanazwa was awarded with IFAF Honoary Membership in recognition of his lifetime contribution to IFAFs work.

IFAF Congress confirmed the appointement of Shige Wantanabe (Japan) as new IFAF Executive Committee Member representing the Asian Federation of American Football (AFAF) and of Roope Noronen (Finland) as new IFAF Executive Committee member representing the European Federation of American Football (EFAF).

Remaining members of the Executive Board of Directors are still:

Vice President: Jose Jorge Orobio de Rosas (Mexico)
General Secretary: Robert Huber (Germany)

Besides those elections IFAF Congress confirmed the plan of actions for the years 2006 to 2008.

The membership of Thailand was upgraded from temporary to associated membership and of Australia from associated to full membership.

Guatemala attended first time ever IFAF Congress.

"Our 9th IFAF Congress was a great success and prepared the next steps in the live of our organization.", stated IFAF President Tommy Wiking by closing the Congress.