Mitteilung von AFVD vom 15.01.2008

EFAF B-EM neuangesetzt in 2009

The EFAF Board of Directors has been informed by FIAF the national federation of Italy that FIAF is bankrupt and has lost the recognition by the National Olympic Committee (CONI). CONI has claimed financial compensation from FIAF and sued FIAF at the court of law. Eventually FIAF lost the case.
Therefore the EFAF Board of Directors has convened a meeting of the Board of Directors with the participants of the EFAF EC B-Group 2008 held Jan. 13. Italy was so far the only candidate to hold the EFAF EC B-Group.
The participants of the EFAF B-Group 2008 have decided by majority that under the current situation it is unlikely to have the EFAF EC B-Group played in Italy and recommended to the EFAF Board of Directors to postpone the tournament to 2009.
The EFAF Board of Directors has therefore decided to not continue contractual talks with Italy and declared the bidding process for the EFAF EC B-Group 2008 closed. Bids for hosting the EFAF EC B-Group 2009 are accepted until May 31, 2008.
FIAF has furthermore been requested to submit a report to the EFAF Board of Directors latest January 31, 2008 with a plan of action on how FIAF will re-establish and settle the situation with CONI. That report will be evaluated at the next EFAF Board of Directors meeting which will be held February 16, 2008.